Using a Kids’ Tablet For Language Advantage

Our kids don’t watch a ton of TV, but when we travel (especially on planes) that goes out the window. We got our kids the Fire Kids Edition Tablet and in the days before our trip I’ll usually spend some time downloading Spanish kids’ shows available on Amazon for free through Prime (and a handful of their favorite shows that were not available for free). You can also check out my previous post on how to filter Amazon for Spanish language videos. (This post contains affiliate links.)

I used to be pretty anti-tablet for our kids (just a personal choice!), but about a year ago we left N and E with a new babysitter, while our regular (amazing) nanny was on vacation. One night I came home from work and N asked me to put on some music, after which he proceeded to dance ‘like the video,’ but only after we ‘paid’ him. I never found out what video he may have seen with that pinch hitting babysitter, but it took me a good 6 weeks to convince him it was ballet. In any case, since then I’ve tried to control these tech-savvy kiddo’s video intake and I found that this tablet had all the parental controls I was looking for (it automatically turns off their access at certain times or after a certain amount of videos/games/books too!). It’s been an added bonus that I can load it up with Spanish shows and they still feel like they have control over what they watch.

In any case, I thought I would share! We’re gearing up for a short vacation this summer and I’ll be loading their tablets with Spanish shows once again. Stay tuned for my list of shows that are available, so you can avoid the (embarrassingly long) amount of time it sometimes takes me to find what I need.

And if you’re interested, it looks like Amazon has some current deals on the tablets (links with details posted below). We got the kids’ version because it comes with the cover,  1 year of “FreeTime Unlimited” (which basically offers access to a ton of kid-friendly books, videos, apps & games, though most are in English) and the 2 year guaranty that whatever your kids do to it, you can get a new one (that was the big draw for us). But you can just as easily turn on the parental controls using a ‘regular’ Kindle Fire. Let me know if you have a different system you enjoy more! We’re always open to new ideas.

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