Spanish Audio Books for Young Kids

I confess, we don’t use audio books that often, but in part that’s because the kids won’t let me play anything other than Let It Go (the song that won’t die) and the Mickey Mouse club theme song (they don’t even watch the show, have never watched it, but for some reason they are OBSESSED with this song) in the car and the Moana soundtrack at home.  But I’ve seen some requests for a good compilation of available audio books and recordings for kids and thought this may be a good opportunity to share some options with you. This post tackles Spanish audio books for younger kids (2-5), but I’ll add suggestions for older kids at a later date. (The following contains affiliate links.)

This old school cassette and book combo of Buenas noches, luna may be a good choice for younger kids.

As you can see, most of these are Spanish translations of classic children’s books, which I suppose makes sense since not all books have audio versions. But I’d love to find some original content in Spanish as well and encourage your suggestions and recommendations!

El Conejito Andarin, another cassette combo. I didn’t even know they still made cassettes and it’s very possible you don’t have a player. But I include these here for the same reason I play the Lotto occasionally (you never know!).

Un Dia de Nieve (This one is on a CD)

El Gato Bandido (Another CD)

Se Venden Gorras (And another CD)

Do you have any audio books or stories you’d add?

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