Fall 2017 Spanish Programming for Young Kids on Netflix & Hulu

Leaves are changing, the air is getting crisper, and with winter fast approaching comes (at least in our house) a bit more screen time for those days the weather does not cooperate. So what better time is there to share some of the great programs for young kids available in Spanish on Netflix and Hulu right now?


Zoobabu Kids can learn about animals from all over the world as they try to solve sweet riddles.


Panam y Circo An Argentine kids’ show that is apparently very popular (full disclosure, we have not watched it yet, but this show has been around for 16 years and Google suggests it is a huge hit).


Los creadores Another Argentine kids’ show that combines real world images with animation and has won a number of awards for its digital innovation and as a program with cultural and educational value.


Super Monstruos The children of the world’s most famous monsters try to figure out how to control their powers together.


Super genios A show modeled after the format of a magazine for kids that aims to teach viewers about all sorts of topics, including science and nature.


El autobus magico vuelve a despegar A reworked and brand new series following the new Ms. Frizzle and her classroom as they get into all sorts of trouble.


My little pony: la magia de la amistad Another reworked classic. N loves, and I mean loves, this show. It’s a little sassy and (in my opinion) is for slightly older kids or for those kids who know not to emulate not so nice behavior they may see on the screen.


Room on the Broom The translated poem is narrated over a cartoon version of the very popular kids’ book in English and Spanish. (affiliates)


Trolls, Finding Dory & Moana are also available in Spanish, but they are rated PG so just make sure your child is ready for them (N had to leave the theater when we took him to see Moana because it was too stressful, but both kids love the music!).


Jorge el Curioso (series) (movies are also available on Netflix) The Halloween special is also available on Hulu in Spanish.

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Doctora Juguetes Doc McStuffins is full of opportunities to learn about empathy and caring for others with a sweet, positive role model.


Astroblast (español) Oh, you know, just your typical show featuring space animals running a Smoothie Cafe where they meet visitors from across the universe.


Joe & Jack (español) Four year old Joe and his best friend Jack (a blue cat) go on adventures together.


Manny a la obra Features Handy Manny and his set of tools and is the most “wholesome” show Mr. OneDosTres has ever seen. It’s similar to Dora the Explorer in that Manny incorporates bilingualism into his every day life.


Zou (español)  N has watched the episode where Zou the zebra pretends to travel to Mars  approximately 1,342 times. I find some of the episodes a little annoying, but this is one of those shows that a kid can become obsessed with.


Paddington Bear – The Spanish translation of this classic character’s adventures is done well. Even though it’s not N’s first choice, I think this could be a hit for the right kid.


Madeline (español) If you enjoy the books, you might also enjoy the show. Although as a parent I find Madeline’s antics way less charming than I did as a child, don’t worry–she is no Caillou.


Bunnytown (español) is the children’s version of a variety show. There are songs, humorous segments, skits and the like.


Maya & Miguel (español)


Pégate a Mick Another very wholesome option for the younger set following Mick’s every day adventures.


Canciones infantiles – This one is fairly self-explanatory and features songs for kids.


Inspector Gadget (español) The translation of the 1980s original following Inspector Gadget and his niece as they solve crimes. I will say, I thought N would be really into this, but Dr. Claw was just too scary for him (even though it’s rated Y–are you sending a trend?). Netflix also has a reimagined Inspector Gadget that is rated Y-7 and is available in Spanish.



Do your kids enjoy any other shows? Please share!

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