Allow me to make your life a little easier

Guys, I think I’ve found the solution to a problem you may not have known you had.

A short while ago I started wondering, searching, asking, whether there were any quality Spanish book subscription services. Don’t get me wrong, I love scouring the depths of the internet and our local book stores (and forcing my mother to buy countless books in PR) for good finds, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do the work for you. So,  if you love Spanish board or picture books (or know someone who does), but you don’t want to spend the (sometimes crazy long) time it may take to find quality books, I found what you’ve been looking for.

Sol Book Box is a monthly book box that curates Spanish and bilingual (English/Spanish) board and/or picture books for kids. I love that each box is centered around a theme and that they include little items to enhance your kid’s attachment to the story and allow them to bring the story to life (not that you need toys for that, but sometimes it’s a nice addition!). We just signed up for our first picture book monthly box (in honor of E’s upcoming second birthday!) and I’m so pumped.  I’ll post again when we receive our first box, but I wanted to share with you now!

Although it should go without saying, I want to note that–much like this blog– the box is intended for any Spanish speakers (native or otherwise) who may enjoy books. I can think of several teachers who would benefit from having fresh reserves in their classrooms, libraries that would benefit from adding to their Spanish collection (in my town’s case, it’s non-existent), and even adults who may be learning Spanish but aren’t ready for the more complicated language found in books aimed at older children or adults.

I should also note that I’m not getting paid to say any of this nor are these affiliate links–I’m just really excited that this service exists!!

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  1. This looks amazing! Let me know how E likes it and maybe I’ll get a subscription for OEE and ILE too!!! 🙂 Thank you for all the Spanish resources! I’m trying to minimize my purchases of books by utilizing the library because I spend waaaay too much on books/toys. 🙁 So it’s really helpful to have some already tried/tested book recommendations by a native speaker like you!!! Thanks you!!!

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